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About Me

My Journey

I really enjoy working with people and tackling all the problems and challenges that come my way on a day-to-day basis. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, I’m always working to exceed my clients’ high standards and expectations.

I started working in San Francisco in 2023, and can honestly say I have never looked back. Maintaining my reputation as a reliable Employment Recruiter means making sure my clients have complete and total confidence in my services, and I’m proud to be recognized as one of the best in the business.

About Us

 2004 marked the beginning of our little start up catering company, Global Eve.  At the time, the name was way bigger than the business, but Matt knew that if he named our catering company with a bigger than life brand, he could sell anything. It was during that first year that we began our new endeavor alongside having our first baby. It was a hard year, but Matt was able to find a niche area for the business and started catering primarily to Pharmaceutical Reps inside Doctor’s offices.  He brought a lot more than just a buffet of food to these luncheons. He set up sauté stations where he not only cooked live in front of the nurses and doctors, he began learning their names, families and stories. Word of mouth helped launch us from these small daily caterings and soon we were catering large events for churches, corporations and even music shows.


The last 20 years seem like a whirlwind of exciting opportunities after another – from catering for Austin City Limits Music Festival, Lollapalooza Music Festival, President Obama’s Presidential Inauguration, and countless memorable events in-between. Working as a family has allowed us many privileges, but the most cherished is likely traveling with our kids.  We have toured all over the country, with our 4 kids in tow, for events of all sizes.


We feel truly blessed for the opportunity we are given daily, to connect with people and provide a service that leaves our clients and their guests with a lasting impression of true Southern Hospitality. Our extensive experience in the event industry gives us the ability to execute well, but our passion for people is what drives us for perfection.


We are looking for hardworking, dedicated, and hospitality loving individuals to join our team. We travel around the country and offer many opportunities for front of house, back of house, and management. 

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